Since 1987, we are your partner in Tenerife for better and healthier sleeping. In our ward you will receive a large selection of products, as well as an in-depth and competent advice by our trained and motivated staff. As a family business, we have been constantly looking for new trends and products that will make your sleep more enjoyable for over 25 years. Do you already know that you spend almost a third of your life in bed or sleep? Healthy sleep is the most important prerequisite for our performance and well-being..
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The bed is the center of the bedroom

In our bed, we spend an average of 8 hours each day, which is an important part of our lives. From a purely optical point of view, the bed dominates the home bedroom, and all other pieces of furniture and accessories often directly depend on the look of the bed and its position in the bedroom. Therefore, it is very important that you think about different aspects before buying a new bed.

Stressless Bettenhaus Hammerer Tenerife

Stressless - The ultimate comfort experience from Scandinavia

With Stressless you will experience maximum relaxation - and a perfect sitting and lying feeling. This combines comfort, quality and elegant design. All models are supplied with matching stools and are available in 3 ergonomic sizes: S, M and L - to match body size. Thanks to the patented, functional spring frame with plus system, the position can be infinitely adjusted, without any annoying buttons or levers.

Lattenrost Bettenhaus Hammerer Tenerife

Mattresses - slatted frames, essential for healthy sleeping comfort

Modern slats are high quality products and promote healthy sleep. As a luxury version, motor-adjustable slatted frames are particularly suitable for the disc relief with many adjustment options. These motor frames guarantee pure Lieu_uss, because they allow you all sorts of settings from the individual head adjustment on the leg elevation, eg in case of illness, up to the preferred sitting position for reading and watching TV.

sofa beds Tenerife

Comfortable sofa beds

The sofa bed is ideal for small rooms and as a place to sleep for guests. Available are so-called side sleepers and floor sleepers. We give buying tips and introduce models with beautiful design.


Living ideas with wall beds

Living and sleeping in one room without having to give up on amenities? This works out! Thanks to the high-quality Murphy bed solution from Nehl Wohnideen, your living room becomes a bedroom or a guest room. During the day, the bed disappears elegantly and unobtrusively in the closet ..

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Exclusive bedding fantastically beautiful!

The extensive selection of different fabrics, colors and finishing details make an individual bed design perfect. Natural materials such as linen and cotton or satin ensure a pleasant sleeping climate and well-being.