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There are a variety of reasons why someone comes up with the idea of ​​getting a new mattress,

to add a cuddly blanket or a new bedroom. Do you know that too, You wake up in the morning and your back hurts,

Your neck is tense, you have not slept through the night again .....

Cause of these complaints is often a wrong, ie bed that does not meet your needs.

As an owner-managed bed business, a qualified consumer advice is particularly important to us and we are happy to

To offer you this service. Expert advice, seasoned with a dash of humor,

Helps in choosing your personal bed. The apartment is ideally suited for extension furniture with integrated wall beds

Consultation and quotation are made on request at your home. Especially foldaway beds and furniture installation

require a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.

You are in the best hands with the specialist staff of the Bettenhaus Hammerer